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“The ideas presented in your copy should flow in a logical fashion, anticipating your prospect’s questions and answering them as if the questions were asked face-to-face.” – Joseph Sugarman.

Advertising a product or service is difficult most times. That’s why experts started using sales copy with a craft widely referred to as Copywriting. In today’s overwhelmingly noisy world, it is practically impossible to make any reasonable sales in your business without an effective sales copy.

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. A direct conversation with your prospect that persuades them to purchase your product or services. If you want to hire a salesperson who will sell your eBook, paid classes, or even services to millions of people, you shouldn’t stake your bet on any random horse. Instead, you will hire the best sales representative to persuade your audience and fetch you millions of Naira every month.

You should apply the same principle when it comes to hiring a copywriter. Wouldn’t you want the best in selling your products or services? Be it an eBook, Paid classes, or services, you need a highly experienced copywriter who is willing to do extensive market research, understand your audience, understand the rudiment of marketing and ad writing, and has the experience of writing at least hundreds of copies that have helped businesses pull in hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. If that sounds like a brilliant idea, then we are your best bet.

Our team of copywriters is solidly vetted with experience in writing search engine optimized copy. They will create a long-lasting message that sells and promotes your services in a blink of an eye. We guarantee that you’ll receive an efficient copy that will serve throughout your sales period.

Insight HR features a competent team of highly skilled writers who will deliver a badass sales copy, implementing many writing techniques to keep your target audience keen to buy the products and services to render.

A regular content writer/copywriter would go ahead with a simple write-up, trying to sell your products or services. In contrast, the highly skilled copywriters would use research and great command of English to keep the target audience completely engrossed in buying your products or services.

Every day, we get tons of messages from creators and entrepreneurs like you to create a sales copy for their products. So, we call them to discuss the projects at length and ensure we understand the end goal. This process helps us draw a plan and funnel with a high chance of success.

Afterward, we delegate this work to our in-house copywriting experts and have them create the most powerful, persuasive, and engaging copy that sells.

Our highly rated Copy editorial team does their magic to ensure your sales copy is void of errors and mistakes, and it’s as persuasive as it could be before we do the honor of delivering it to you.


For Entrepreneurs or Course Creators

Suppose you are a content creator or affiliate marketer that requires you to build a sales page. In that case, we may partner with you to help you create the sales page and even do you the honor of advertising it on Facebook or any other platform. This is purely an extra package just for creators.

Please message us to hire us for your sales copywriting.

For Freelancers

Are you a freelancer that is trying to delight your client and give him the best possible copy you can? Don’t worry, we are here for you. We’ll work with you to create exactly what our client needs. And once we deliver the final draft, you’ll have full ownership of the copy. No strings attached.

Please click this link to send us a message and tell us how we can help.

For Agencies

When taxed with creating an advertisement for companies and services, we will do the research and create insightful campaigns for you. Our detailed approach to copywriting will give your clients the best results and get you the desired feedback. Most importantly, you’ll own all the copyright to that piece. Sounds good? Click here to proceed.