For Freelancers

The freelance writing business can quickly become frustrating. Exhaustion weakens you to the bone, you start losing sleep, and your head becomes cloudy as the burnout starts to creep in.

Writer’s block is another enemy you constantly have to fight. Yet, your client waits impatiently for you to deliver the work. Even before the deadline. While you are there, struggling against all odds with little hope of finishing soon.


You thought to yourself; I am hell going to outsource this gig. But your memory immediately flashes through your terrible experiences with outsourcing—the dreadful writers sent from hell. At best, you have to rewrite the whole article yourself, or worse, the entire project gets botched. Your client is furious at you, and you lose all the time and energy you have expended without any compensation.


Well, we can relate. Or many of our clients have, on several occasions, told us their share end of their story before discovering Insight HR.


Like Olumide, a top-rate plus freelancer on Upwork who almost lost a 1 million Naira ($2,000) due to the terrible work his writers delivered. 


He came to us, all devasted, and started complaining about how some writers have used software to write the content. While some only deliver what we call a unique dub, changing one or two words in the article. 


The entire project was a total disaster, leaving him with one week to deliver 20 articles of 2,500 words each.

Heartbreaking right?

All thanks to our army of 78 writers who have undergone 3-month intensive training on SEO writing, copywriting, and creative writing. They are highly skilled and reliable. And are always eager to help freelancers like you. 


So, hell yeah. We can relate, and we understand your plight perfectly.

What writing project are you currently working on? We have experts with every writing niche, including:

  • Article writing
  • eBook writing
  • Whitepaper
  • Academic and Research Writing
  • Press Release
  • Email

You name it. We have you covered.

How do We Go About Your Writing Service?

  • Firstly, our HR manager communicates with you to ensure we understand the type of content you want and when you like us to deliver it.
  • Afterward, we pass it to one of our great writers specializing in that niche.
  • After that, they pass the completed content to our editorial team, headed by Editor in Chief. They will proofread and edit the content for best engagement and perfection.
  • The Editorial team now reverts it to the HR Manager, who still reviews the content again to ensure it meets you and your client’s requirements before final delivery. 

Do you now understand why our content partners are always happy with the result of all the work we deliver?

Because Insight HR has an excellent team and the perfect structure to deliver great work on time. 

To prove how confident we are, we offer you an extra 20% compensation fee plus any amount you pay us if the content does not meet the per or if your client declines it.

So, instead of dwelling on writer’s block, lack of motivation, and being occupied, message us directly on WhatsApp now, and let’s discuss how soon you want us to deliver your high-quality content.

You can also email us via [email protected] or fill out the contact form below.


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