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It’s one thing to pass across a piece of information. It’s a different thing to pass across a piece of information that is clear, concise, engaging, and easily understandable.

Is there any important information you want to pass across concerning your company, and you don’t know where to begin or how to construct it? Stop worrying. Let Insight HR help you out. 

As a media brand with over 100 in-house professional article writers, graduate journalists, and trained PR experts, we have worked across a broad spectrum of well-known B2B and B2C household brands.

Our press release writing has resulted in regular coverage for our clients in national newspapers, monthly magazines, broadcast channels, and trade journals.

We often put a call to you to understand your goal, reach, and target audience before picking up the task and delegating it to our in-house Press Release writers.

Why should you hire us for your press release writing?

We are your best option if you are looking for high-quality press release writing for business or your client. We will draft and format a professional, industry-standard press release for you which you can then send on to press as needed.

Our team of Press Release writers has previously covered clients based in various industries, including Automotive, Construction, Finance, Tech, Lifestyle, and Consumer. We tailor the style and message of the release to your chosen topic to ensure maximum media cut-through.

For Entrepreneurs and Companies

Is your company currently hosting or planning an event that you want to promote and create awareness to the public? We can help you create a highly professional, engaging, and mind-blowing Press Release that captures the whole event. Communicates the exact message to the public, and gets the public to act the way you want. Click here so we can start talking

For Freelancers and Agency

Do you need to create a highly effective Press Release for your clients? Please send us the requirements and let us help you create a high-quality, professional and engaging Press Release that meets your clients’ goals and expectations. Send us a direct message now.